United Way Niagara Period Promise

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Siblings;

This year due to COVID- 19 the United Way Niagara Period Promise Campaign will run from May 1 -28, 2021. The support of our local labour community is important to the success of this initiative.  Period Promise is more than just a collection drive, it advocates for those impacted by period poverty and menstrual equity.

Right now, 1 in 3 individuals in Niagara are not able to afford to purchase menstrual hygiene products. Period poverty and menstrual equity are overlooked global issues. Let’s work together to raise awareness and support those in need in our community.

I have attached the United Way Niagara Period Promise Policy.  Any organization that signs up to support at least one of the initiatives will be listed on our website highlighted in red. Any organization that signs up to support Period promise through a collection drive will be highlighted in grey.

How you can get involved:

  • Hold a collection drive with your workplace, union, school,  family, friends or neighbourhood
  • Promote the need for free and accessible products in our community
  • Reach out to your local government asking for their support

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who may be interested!

For more information visit Period Promise Niagara  or email tanya@unitedwayniagara.org

In solidarity,

Tanya Faulkner

Labour Program and Services Coordinator